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Planning to live and work in new city? Your first time arrival can be extremely time-consuming and overwhelming.

NomadKit is your fast pass to feeling at home and being productive in your next city.

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"Just 24 hours after landing, I ate at an amazing food court, found the perfect place to work from and already made plans to check out some affordable apartments later this week. Extremely helpful guide! "

Matt Lock, Digital Nomad & Founder of Metalabs


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We want you to feel at home in any new city as fast as possible.

Hey, we're Sergio Sala and Dominik Sobe! πŸ‘‹

Navigating a new city as a digital nomad can be overwhelming. You're not just on vacation; you need to find your feet quickly to stay productive at work. In every city you’ll ask yourself the same questions:

    "🏘️ Which neighbourhood is the best to live in? β˜• Where do I find that perfect cafΓ© to work from? πŸ›‚ What’s the deal with visas? πŸ₯ Where do I go in case of an emergency?"

Sergio is a self-employed digital nomad since 2014 and has travelled to 115 cities in 40 countries. He swapped his career in architecture to become a well-known travel YouTuber helping digital nomads find their homes in cities around the world.

Dominik is an experienced SaaS founder who has successfully grown several companies – all while living and working around the world for the past 5 years.

We've collectively spent over 15 years being digital nomads and traveled to a multitude of cities around the globe. We understand that you want quick and reliable information to get settled fast. No Bullshit, no stress.

NomadKit is collection of our personal, tried-and-tested insights. The kind you'd expect from a seasoned friend who's been there, done that. These guides are designed to help you skip the guesswork, settle in rapidly, and get back to what you do best: being productive while also enjoying the best of your new city.

Consider these guides your fast pass to feeling at home in any new city.

Cheers, Dom & Sergio ツ

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Chapter Overview

Everything, and I mean literally everything you need to know about Bangkok laid out in easy-to-follow chapters, each packed with practical advice and real-life insights.


Getting Started

My personal pros and cons about the city, best time to vist, how to get from airport to apartment as well as obtain a sim card.



Best areas to live in, best sites to find accomodation, how to find a good deal and what to look out for.


Coworking & Cafes

Best coworking spaces, my favorite cafes and restaurants with plugs to work from, public WiFi passwords.



How I get around the city, best apps to use, how to rent a scooter, how to get to other cities and countries.



How to get a visa, what are the requirements, how and where to extend it. My personal experience with visa runs and border runs.



Best restaurants, cafes, bars, street food. What to eat and what to avoid. I am quite a foodie and eat out a lot so I have a lot to say about this topic.



Where to find a doctor, dentist and emergency hospital. Best gyms, spas and messages. My experience about prices and quality of service.


Activities & Sights

Best activities, sights and tours. My personal recommendations and tips for when you want to spend some time away from your laptop.



Best local places to shop for electronics and get your stuff fixed. My favorite shopping malls and how to successfully shop online.


Language & Culture

My personal experience about the local culture, how to interact with locals and what to expect. How to learn the language and where to find a teacher.


... and more

Every city is unique. They all have their own sections that are specific to them. Based on your feedback I will add more chapters to the guides.

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πŸ₯΄ Random guides on the internet

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🀩 NomadKit Guides

  • Created for the needs of digital nomads
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  • Tried & tested personal recommendations
  • Super detailed – we even mention Wifi passwords for cafes, etc.
  • Personal tips & tricks you won't find anywhere else
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"I just got back from Bangkok, and I have to say, the NomadKit's advice was super helpful! Found some great cafes to work in, lived in a nice neighborhood, got my visa questions solved and had stunning food. Plus, it was great to have emergency contacts to hospitals just in case. Made everything way easier!"

- Alex Styl, Digital Nomad & Founder of Composables


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Why does NomadKit exist?

While individually focusing on our separate paths, Dominik running his bootstrapped SaaS businesses and Sergio creating content for his travel guides on YouTube, we connected online and realized that we shared the same struggles and challenges of settling into new cities while maintaining our productivity! We are both living the digital nomad life. We understand the struggles you face. Together, we try to make your nomad life considerably smoother and more enjoyable. NomadKit exists to help you bypass the obstacles we've faced and make your nomad journey much easier.

What makes NomadKit different from other travel guides?

NomadKit guides are made specifcally for digital nomads who not only want to visit a city but also focus on work. We don't offer just general tourist information but detailed insights into living and working in each city. This includes practical advice on accommodation, co-working spaces, coffee shops with WiFi and powerplugs, dealing with Visas and more, all from our personal, tried-and-tested perspective.

How up-to-date is the information in the guides?

We are committed to continuously update the guides with latest information. As a digital nomads ourselves, we regularly revisit each location to ensure all advice reflects current conditions. Additionally, we listen to your feedback to make necessary adjustments, keeping the guides as current and reliable as possible.

What do I get when purchasing a NomadKit guide?

After purchasing you will immediately able to use your email to access our carefully crafted web & mobile optimized website that hosts our guide. The guide comes with easy to navigate chapters, full text search and you can even chat with our NomadKit AIβ„’ chatbot to get answers even faster. Scroll up a little to see a demo of how the guide looks like.

Why is the price so cheap?

"Cheap," you say? Well, if by "cheap" you mean "Why isn't this guide costing as much as a small island?" then we've got news for you: it's because we're still figuring out how to include an actual island in the package. But seriously, the guide's priced to reflect the blood, sweat, and (mostly) coffee that went into making it super useful for busy digital nomads. It's not about making a quick buck; it's about packing in so much value that you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Sure, it's not priced like a bargain bin deal – because it's not. It's your secret weapon for nailing the nomad life, minus the headache of figuring everything out yourself.

Why is the price so expensive?

We totally understand if the price seems a bit steep at first glance. But here's the deal: putting this guide together took a ton of time and effort. We didn’t just throw together some tips – I dived deep to provide detailed, actionable advice that’s hard to find anywhere else. Think about the opportunity costs of you trying to gather the information yourself. The information background for the visa guides alone caused me days and some unnecessary mistakes to figure out and we want to save you from all of these kinds of headaches. This is not just a guide; it's a shortcut to getting the nitty-gritty details figured out so you can focus on enjoying the nomad life ツ

Is there a refund policy if I'm not satisfied?

We are 100% confident that you will love the content. However, if you are not satisfied, we are happy to offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.